Blue Eyed Sun Bamboo Lunchbox Bamboo Lunchbox - Flowers 900ml

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  • 398,00 kr

Embrace your minimalist side with the Minimalist Flowers Lunchbox. We all want to do our bit to reduce the billions single-use plastic food containers and wrappings going into landfill each year. Made from fast growing, sustainable bamboo wood and fibre, this Deluxe Bamboo Lunchbox is an attractive, reusable solution to help cut daily waste. It feels lovely to hold and is taste free and odour neutral. Be part of the change for good. The Deluxe Lunchbox includes a solid bamboo wood lid, silicone rim for airtight closure and elasticated strap to hold the lid in place. Also included is a free mini container and container divider. The lunchbox is dishwasher safe (wooden lid handwash only), BPA and Phthalate free and TUV Rheinland certified. Not suitable for microwaves.