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Vegansk energi bar, smak av äpple & kanel. 55g

Vegan Energy Bar, with the taste of Cinnamon Apple Pie. Based on Swedish oats, packed with energy - designed for ppl in motion.

  • Can withstand ≤60°C / 140°F
  • Suited for travel, motion, bags & pockets
  • Doesn't melt or crumble
  • On the go
  • 100% vegan

Made in Sweden. By VeganHey™.

VeganHey's vegan energy bar is a cereal bar specifically designed for ppl in motion. With its base on Swedish oats and fast releasing carbohydrates - this vegan bar will give you high energy when you need it, wherever you need it.

Instead of giving the bar a regular chocolate coating, we've melted the chocolate inside the bar, to create a vegan energy bar that can withstand temperatures up to 60° C/140°F and can accompany you everywhere you go.

Put it in your pocket/suitcase/backpack and bring it with you. No matter if you're working out or working late, this bar is your compadre.

Näringsvärde/Nutritional value 100g *55g

Energi 1364 kj/393 kcal * 750 kj/216 kcal

Fett 11,5g *6,3g

- varav mättat fett 7,2g * 4,0g

Kolhydrater 66g * 36g

- varav sockerarter 35g *19,2g

Protein 7,0g *3,8g

Salt 0,08g *0,04g

(SE) Ingredienser: Glukossirap, havregryn, havrekli, mörk choklad (socker, kakaosmör, kakaomassa, emulgeringsmedel, sojalecitin, arom), maltodextrin, dextros, isomaltulos*, stabiliseringsmedel (glycerol), äppelbitar (äpple, salt, antioxidationsmedel [citronsyra, askorbinsyra]), kanel, aromer, salt. *Isomaltulos bryts ner till glukos och fruktos. Kan innehålla spår av sojaprotein, mjölk och ägg.

Förvaring: Torrt och svalt.

Developed, designed and made in Sweden. By VeganHey™

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